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The Writer's Muse by Ashley Coleman

The Writer's Muse by Ashley Coleman

Locale Workroom 52 O Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20001

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The Writer's Muse is an in-person workshop that encourages exploration through free and creative writing. This workshop is based on using life as your creative influence.

I looked up the definition of confrontation and I had no idea of the violence of the word, the negative connotation. I've rarely seen it that way. I always saw confrontation as valiant, as standing up for yourself, as the vehicle to obtain resolve. And maybe that's just communication, but there is something that I like about the word confrontation.

What we are afraid to confront in real life, we will often confront in our writing. It is a place of solace, a place of peace, a place of authenticity. 

I love the opportunity to confront myself, to confront the views of society, to confront the status quo, through my writing. That, to me is a beautiful and positive thing. 

It's natural to be afraid of what sharing your innermost thoughts can reveal, but the more that we practice, the more we confront the whole of ourselves, the easier it becomes. 

In this session of The Writer's Muse we will explore confrontation and resolve. 

This workshop is built for both active writers and those looking to write more. Whether you are a seasoned writer, or a novice, this is afternoon full of exploration and community. 

There will also be time to share your work! Come and get feedback from the group on a piece you’ve been working on or stuck on, etc. This a community of writers here to uplift and encourage one another! I hope to see you there.

Space is extremely limited. Content is suitable for those 18+. 

Light refreshments will be served. Please feel free to bring along your favorite journal! All other prompts and materials will be provided. 

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