Behind The Scenes of Inspiring Creative Passion

Behind the Scenes.png

Here we are...just over 4 years later and I am more inspired than ever. What brought on all of this inspiration? I believe something clicked one day when I set out to find my purpose after going through a very rough time about 5 years ago. I realized my life has always had a view but the view was blurry and I was even blinded from seeing it a few years ago.

I have always wanted to do more but you know, life gets in the way sometimes. You get stifled by fear and not knowing what to do next or even if there is anything to do. While working to find direction for my life, I had to stop and slow down a bit. Things were all over the place - my full-time job, kids activities, family stuff; I just could not handle it all at the time. Now of course I worked very hard to make it all look easy and this was surely not the case. I worked much harder at pretending all things were in place and it became too much. While I was out there working to inspire others, I had to become inspired.

Then it came to me...this was it! I had to inspire my own creative passion in order for me to help and inspire others. So I took my own advice and got busy writing and the words began to flow. The basis of Faith and Love continued to guide me and I pressed on with the vision for Inspiring Creative Passion to be part of the A Life With A View series.

Getting out of my own way and over insecurities and being comfortable in my own skin helped me so much this year. I began to branch out and network with other writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and people who I admire. I even invested in some memberships to keep my writing on task. {Hence, the many blog posts I now have queued} The more I write, the better I feel and I began taking better care of my mental space too. Self-care became number one and I wanted to show others they can practice self-care and I created my very first self-care eBook which you can grab right here.

So what's next? I had to put all I've learned into another book. The next book in the A Life With A View series, Inspiring Creative Passion due out this Fall 2017. I will also continue to blog and write about topics near and dear to me and also to you while continuing to grow the A Life With A View brand. The ideas keep coming for blog posts, writing topics and maybe another book in the series in the future.

To keep all of this straight, I recently created a new Instagram account @inspiringcreativepassion to follow the journey of the new book and continue to connect with you and provide updates on the book release and an upcoming event in 2018.

What passion project are you working on? If you have something coming up, please leave a comment below. I'd love to support you as you have supported me.