Why Do I Blog?

I get this question a lot: "Why do you blog?" The short answer is: I have a lot to say and need to get it out of my head in real time. Words, phrases, poems, writings - whatever it may be at the time, I have to write it down, right then most times. I admit I didn't know what blogging was at first. Was it something formal like in research paper format or is it writing just to write only to get your thoughts on paper at the time? For me, I kind of lived in both worlds - approaching blogging very structured and then sometimes only throwing words on paper. I learned pretty quickly to be myself and write like I would normally write or speak - not like anyone else.

Over the years I have had stories in my head - true stories which have shaped my life in one way or another. Since I love to write, I wanted to share with the world my thoughts on topics of faith, love and the things which inspire me to keep going. I have wanted to write for many years prior to starting my blog in 2013 and I made every excuse as to why I couldn't or wouldn't begin writing. Fear was the number 1 reason and I'm not saying I don't face this now but it is subsiding a bit as I put myself and my writing out there a little more each day.

In the almost 4 years on the blog scene, the last year has been the best. I've connected with so many writers, bloggers and inspirational people along this journey and I am so filled with purpose and wanting to do more. Recently on the blog, I wrote about my 5 Favorite Blogs and What's In My Blogging Handbag? I felt compelled to share with you how I became inspired and what tools I use for blogging.

Lastly and certainly not least, I blog because it makes me smile and I am filled with purpose and the freedom that comes with writing and sharing with others. If you are a blogger, why do you blog? If you are pursuing your purpose in other ways, what's your why?

Photo credit: @createherstock