Join Me On The Blog Journey

I talk a lot on the blog about the journey through life which can sometimes be straight and narrow, or winding and very wide. This journey began in 2013 and although I may make it look easy, it certainly is not. What's a journey without some bumps in the road? I call those learning experiences or lessons learned.

The journey of blogging for me has been more about me opening up and sharing my experiences - being real about my story, removing the rose-colored glasses. Coming from behind the glasses and out of shadows was very tough at first. I had to learn it is ok to share your failures as well as your triumphs. I always thought: "No one wants to see or hear about failure - they only want to see the good parts and how to succeed!" I could not have been more wrong. Being a little mature in age, (just a little now) ;-) I was kind of stuck in my ways and thought only putting on my best face would make me a good writer and blogger. Well, I was wrong again.

I've stretched myself a lot over the years to share and to be more open about my experiences; triumphs and failures. I have found people who share my same experiences; the same ups and downs, and I can relate to them in so many ways. In our minds sometimes we discount ourselves and only show the pretty side of the journey. If anyone is guilty of this, it is most certainly me. A journey is just that - a journey filled with winding roads, good times and bad times, road closures and road blocks - all of the things we which make us whole and give us the passion to keep climbing and keep going.

Sharing my stories has allowed me to open up even more and relate to others and they have since joined me on this journey, my journey. Recently, I shared on Twitter with a blogger friend who I admire so much that my journey has evolved and I am becoming more of a storyteller and I am loving what I'm seeing and looking forward to what the future holds.

I am so glad you are here and I hope you continue to join me on this journey of storytelling and connecting with others. As I continue to grow in my writing, I would love your feedback on any areas of my words, stories, blog posts and future books. I recently did a content update to one of my blog posts based on your feedback and I can see where it was needed. Felt so good!

Thank you for joining me and I always look forward to hearing from you!