Finding Color Inspiration To Write

I have always been a little colorful. Whether through my smile or bringing cheer to others, being colorful is just me; my personality and make up.

When starting A Life With A View almost 4 years ago, I had a vision of what I wanted this to look like. Now, how it was going to all come together is a different story. I first started with what I liked - color, cheerfulness, being bright and me just being myself. I knew I liked pretty blues, greens, shades of brown and purple. I had it all planned out right? Well not quite...

...There have been detours and stops along the way. Stops meaning - there was a period of time where I stopped writing due to everything else in life getting in the way. So one day while at a friend's house, I was on my tablet and I downloaded the quickest blogging app and template I could find and started writing. Was this really me or was I acting out of some emotion to only get started? It was a little bit of both - I wanted to start writing and I had the burning desire to put the pen to paper or my fingers to the keyboard.

In the rush to get started, I chose something completely different than where my inner thoughts and emotions were taking me. In this blog post found here I talk about the journey to A Life With A View and how I started with bright orange colors. This is just fine as long as it aligns with what you want but for me, all I wanted to do at the time was get my thoughts on paper. No matter how haphazard, I was going to write.

As I began to write more, I had this feeling of writing more from the heart and telling my story; sharing my deepest fears and emotions. At first I was truly afraid to do this as I was still in healing mode from the end of my marriage and I was not sure which way to turn. Did I want to share everything as it related to my marriage at the time? This was at the forefront in my mind and I chose to gloss over it. Speaking of glossy, there was nothing like color that kept me going and kept me inspired. I knew I wanted to write - check! I knew I had lots to say - check! And, I knew I could write at least 1, 2, or 10 blog posts sharing the things which mattered to me; and what mattered to other people going through the same thing I was going through.

To bring this all full circle, I wanted to identify with everything that made me feel good and it centered on color. Color - imagine color as you write and as you think about what you want in life. I did eventually get to where I wanted to be with color. Color became my inspiration and I became true to what I wanted and what identified with me and my spirit. Now this did not happen overnight but it did happen and I am so glad to be here. I still have a ways to go but I have found my platform, my inspiration; colors to let my writing flow.

What inspires you to write or follow your dreams? Share in the comments and also share your thoughts on finding your inspiration and the things you identify with. I would love to hear what you identify with and how you connect with what inspires you.