Inspiring Creative Passion Book

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The second book in the A Life With A View Series, Inspiring Creative Passion is here! With almost 10 months of writing, edits, re-writes - the new book has finally arrived. Did I ever think I would be at this point in my writing career? Certainly not! I have overcome many obstacles along the way including self-doubt being number one. I pushed through to help others remain inspired and helped myself also.

So how did we get here? Well, about a year ago I moved to a new website platform and it was a must for me branch out a little more and come from behind the keyboard. The old blog was nice, but I needed a fresh perspective and I wanted to take A Life With A View in the direction I have dreamed of for several years. Writing inspirational posts, books, products filled with inspiration and tell a story - this is where I wanted to go for myself and for my readers and people connected to me and even for those who I hadn't met yet.

When I sat down to write Inspiring Creative Passion, I knew this book would be different from the first. An expansion of the first book yes, but different in that I dug deeper to pull out all of the fears, wants, desires that I was faced with and I even added positive affirmations to help people wherever there were in their journey. My hope is when you read Inspiring Creative Passion you want to grab your tea, coffee, wine, or other favorite beverage and sit down to read like we are having a conversation. You will laugh, you will cry, you will see yourself in the stories of fear, triumph, getting brand new, and moving forward with positive affirmations that you can take with you along the way.

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Inspiring Creative Passion has already been on the road and this is so amazing to me and not what I planned. I do believe this is God's plan and after traveling to New York last month, I realized I have some work to do. I met some amazing people who are interested in me; a girl from New Jersey with a dream, a pen, one piece a paper and a name - A Life With A View.

My hope is to touch and help at least one person and I will be happy. In order to do this, I had to put myself out there a little more and stop hiding. Although I am outgoing, I tend to be a little shy and reserved and second guess myself. The only way to get through this is to write more, write confidently, write strong. Maybe pushing the envelope in my writing is key? Maybe stop being afraid of what to say or not to say? I do believe we hinder ourselves and I was doing this too.

Well, I know I still have some growing to do and this is why A Life With A View is a series and I hope to get better and better at writing and storytelling to help others do the same whether in writing, expressing themselves through poetry, short stories, long stories, and even through speaking and spoken word. We can do this; and do this together. Do not hide your gifts even if you need time to share them. It is ok to share them little by little; even if in a series.

{Photos by: My daughter, Madison & Terryl Ebony from Circle of Sisters, NY}