When You Write to Heal...What's Next?

When You Write to Heal...What's Next_.png

I haven't always had this smile. Yes, I have always smiled but this smile is different. Different how you may ask? Well, this new smile comes from a healed place; a place of comfort; a place full of vulnerability which I never thought I'd share with the world.

I have probably written over 100 blog posts on the topics of faith, healing, forgiveness, and now two books later, I still have so much to say. Is the healing process ever really over? What's next after you say the words: "I've healed!" There is a continuous healing process through life and significant milestones or ups and downs can dictate the healing process.

In the many years prior to me sharing my written thoughts, I would keep my writings on tiny pieces of paper, in journals, notepads, and anywhere else I could write. Everything to my thoughts, my feelings and even down to how I was feeling in a particular moment would go on paper only for me to see at the time. Sometimes I wouldn't even write down how I was feeling - I would just keep it to myself and bottled up in my thoughts. I have grown a lot in the last four years since sharing my writings and publishing two books. It took a lot to get here including the loss of my father and my divorce.

In thinking about what triggered my road to healing, I would have to say it started a little while prior to my father getting sick and passing away in 2010. I felt my mind and thoughts on the path to destruction since I worked so hard to keep my smile in tact. Once I saw my smile beginning to crack, I still tried to hide behind my smile hoping others would not see what was going on with me. This was a hard thing to keep up and it lasted for a while until the real deal finally hit with everything else around me crumbling at the time.

Even during the tough times from 2010-2012, I pulled out my pen and paper since I could be in control and began to write. Do you know it took about 18 months for me to be comfortable enough to share my first blog post? I had no idea back then what blogging was but I knew I could use it to heal my inner self by sharing my thoughts, feelings, and to help others.

Now here we are 7 years, almost 8 years later of me recognizing when writing to heal you soothe yourself and you speak to people who are either where you are or where you were. If I speak to one person I am happy and fulfilled. In my case, I was speaking to myself. With well over 100 blog posts now, I wondered what was next. Do I continue to share my story? Should I write a book or start a series? I think I answered my own questions with two books: A Life With A View and Inspiring Creative Passion.

My first book, A Life With A View focused on previously published blog posts where my healing journey began. It wasn't until much later where I decided A Life With A View would be a series and this is where Inspiring Creative Passion was born. Inspiring Creative Passion, the second book in the A Life With A View series takes a deeper dive into faith, love, happiness and healing. There are positive affirmations throughout the Inspiring Creative Passion book with the hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams of doing what they love.

So what's next? Well, I can tell you my smile is back and in full force. On a scale of 1-10 my happiness is about an 8. (nothing is completely perfect) This is so much better than my happiness being at a 3 a few years ago. Building A Life With A View and connecting with people as a community has brought me a long way and I will continue this movement and write through anything that comes my way.