Embrace Your Season of Change: Rest, Relaxation, Renewal

Embrace Your Season of Change_.png

Here we are...in the middle of the holiday season, the rush, and the change of seasons in many areas around the world. While writing this post and thinking of the season, of course for me the first thing which comes to mind is Christmas, followed by the New Year which is exactly two weeks away. When I put it like this, I instantly feel the rush to get things done, make improvements in my life, and begin to plan what I would like to accomplish for the coming year.

Well, that was certainly a mouthful, huh? Now if it could only be that easy, right? It certainly sounds good. :) I write and speak a lot about life's challenges and how to get through them. There was a point in my life when I only wanted to embrace the good things not face the bad or challenging things. More energy was put into making things look and feel good around me so there were times when I did not face or embrace my season of change and when it hit, it hit hard and fast.

Sure, I would love to have everything all planned out, in order, labeled, fixed, duct-taped and everything else. But, I now know as I approach my 46th birthday in two weeks that there is a reason for the season; a reason for change, and more reason to embrace it. I was sitting at the cusp of change six years ago around this same time wondering what I would do over the next few weeks, months, and years to come. It was at this point six years ago when my husband and I decided to separate and he moved out of our home just after the new year in 2012. At this time, I was approaching my 40th birthday and thinking to myself: "What would I do with two young children, on my own from day-to-day?" Facing this time in my life was certainly the toughest season from what I can remember besides the passing of my father in 2010.

Embracing this season of change was certainly not easy and I had to face many things which I did not want to come to grips with. One of the things I had to face was telling everyone my story; even my closest friends who had no idea what was going on until January 2012. So here we are, almost in January of 2018 and because you asked, yes - my birthday is January 2. As I approach my 46th birthday, I am so excited and filled with purpose and passion. I do not think I would be where I am today if I did not embrace and face the challenges met over the years. As the title of the post states rest, relaxation, and renewal - I must tell you where I am now six years later:

  1. Rest: After the dust settled in 2012, I carved out one evening each week to rest and be still. This is hard for me since I love to be on the go and my kids love being on the go also with their activities.

  2. Relaxation: Yes, this is a bit different from rest as I consider this time to be an extended period where you take vacation whether from work or other activities. Usually for me this is around the holidays where I take about two weeks off from work and continue to spend time doing everything I love.

  3. Renewal: Part of renewal for me is forgiveness. I was holding onto so much although smiling on the outside. I took some time to repair myself, forgive what was done to me, and take ownership of my mistakes also. I am in a much better, renewed place.

Where am I today? I must share with you I recently realized what I was going through has lifted a bit, or a lot I should say. Time definitely heals (and a little vacation too!...future post coming!) I have been more confident in doing the things I love and also not being so quick to judge others based on what I would do. Yes, this is a weakness of mine. I am learning to meet people where they are and not where I think they should be. As of now, I continue to practice what I preach and my ex-husband and I are in a better place where we co-parent well and communicate much better. There are days when things aren't perfect and just knowing that I am happy and the kids are happy and doing well is plenty for me.

How are you embracing your season of change? Share in the comments, write in your journal, and tell a friend. We can all use advice, tips, and best practices in this area. For more on my story, I have shared many posts here on the blog and also in my books which you can find by clicking here. I encourage you to share your story too since you never know who is waiting for you to lead the way.