The Detours and Winding Roads in Life

Life, with its many twists and turns can take us for a loop at times. Around and around until we have no idea if we are coming or going. I remember certain times in my life where I felt those twists and turns were a little more intense than others. I think back to 8 years ago when my father fell ill and passed away suddenly a few short weeks later. It still feels like yesterday; like a moment stuck in time. Was this for real?

It was around this time 7 years ago and our family thought we made it into the new year and with the new year, we were hopeful for my dad to get better. We made it past his birthday, January 19th and thought "he's going to be ok since he made it into the month of February 2010." Little did we know this winding road we call life took the ultimate detour for us and for my dad who just turned 63 a few weeks before he passed away.

My sister who is three years younger than me, stepped up as the strong one since I could not think about being strong during this time. We had plans; plans for a great life ahead and for my dad to see my kids, his grand kids grow up and continue living their lives. My sister had a milestone birthday coming up in March 2010 and she was holding onto my dad still being here to celebrate with her and to celebrate with all of us as we had big celebrations in our family. When my dad turned 60 in 2007, we had a big party for him and I was particularly thrilled since I turned 35 during the same month.

Here we are: 10 years later and my dad would have turned 70 this year. A lot happened after my dad passed away. We still celebrated my sister's milestone birthday in March 2010 and my son and daughter's birthday followed in April and May. My dad would have wanted us to celebrate, live our lives, go to work, be happy and continue building our lives. How do I know? He told me this - "Lynda, go to work and take care of the kids" he said in his last days in the hospital. I stayed by his side never left until the time came when I had to leave.

Over the next few years, I grew up in a sense and remembered all of the things I learned from my dad and I traveled the winding roads full of detours, potholes and slick lanes only to catch my footing and bounce back better than ever. Of course there were other detours and winding roads ahead of me where I had no idea what the outcome would be. I know this - I am still here, still standing with the road ahead being uncertain I am taking this on and embracing the challenges; the good, the bad and all the things to come.

Here we are in the present and all of the lessons I've learned over the years has made me fearless when looking ahead whether the road is a winding one or straight, narrow and predictable. So I say to you, tell your story. It defines you, releases you from the past and defines your journey going forward.

I would love to hear about the things you've overcome and remember, you are here to tell your story. While the road ahead may be uncertain, remember to embrace your journey hold on tight and get ready for the ride.