Embrace Peace and Serenity

Now more than ever we need to embrace peace and serenity. Over the past several months and in recent weeks, we have seen the world change so quickly right before our eyes. We could not even blink and there it was - a change; a forever stamp in history and etched in our minds, our hearts and our soul. To say this is a shock to our system would be an understatement. Many of us screamed, yelled, cried all out of anger and the passion for the life we have built for ourselves, loved ones, and how far we've come - especially for women (because I'm a woman). To see all of the things we as a people have worked so hard for possibly being used in a way which threatens our existence is hard to watch much less tolerate. We must embrace peace and serenity during this time and for our future and the future of our children.

I also applaud women across the country who united to march in January for the freedom we worked so hard to obtain. We have a voice, you have a voice; we all have a voice. Sometimes the last thing we think about is embracing peace and serenity since we are so filled with anger and emotion. Embracing the peace puts us at ease. It may not seem like it at first since we are so filled with emotion about what is happening around us.

While it is so easy to keep spiraling down hill as our world is so influx, take time to surround yourself with peace and practice feeding your soul in a way which keeps you at your very best. In a world which seems so dark at the moment, you have the light within you to shine through anything in front of you. You may be the light which shines to embrace others who are having a tough time embracing their peace.

Here are some ways to embrace your peace and serenity: {Pray, Catch up with a friend, Read a book, Take up a hobby, Write, Take a class on something you are interested in pursuing, Go to a comedy show, Live, Laugh, Love}

How do you practice peace and serenity? Share your thoughts in the comments. Remember to keep pressing forward towards peace and serenity, and surround yourself with those who are on the journey towards peace.