What's In A Name?

Many people have asked me over the years how I settled on the name A Life With A View. I am here to tell you, it took a few years for the name, the passion and the feeling to really be inline with my spirit. I had to feel it. Not only the name, but everything which comes along with choosing a name for something you hold near and dear to you.

In the last blog post, A Personal Touch, I wrote about the journey to A Life With A View and how I did not take my blog seriously until almost two years after I began writing. And then I thought: "a book too? What will I call the book? I'm a blogger with lots of content, what should I do?" The name came to me when I least expected it and after days and months of writing. The turning point was when I looked at the words which make up A Life With A View; I began to really see my view come into focus. {click here for my inspirational words} I discovered my life means something. The lives of my children mean something. The lives of the people I touch and will touch mean something. Hence, A Life With A View was born.

The theme for A Life With A View came to me in the Summer of 2013 when I was visiting a friend and we were talking about the ups and downs of life. At the time, my blog went by the name FIRE - Faith In Renewing Each Other. This was fine except I felt I needed more and the fire inside of me was enough to get me started. The story behind A Life With A View came from a place of pain and disappointment as it related to my divorce and the loss of my father in such a short time span. Those were very tough times but I plowed through with my faith leading the way.

A Life With A View, the book came first and at the time I had no idea I would change the blog name to match the book. My thinking at the time was centered around my fire and I had to ask myself as I continued to grow: Wouldn't I have the fire anyway to do what I love? So in the Spring of 2016, I renamed the blog to A Life With A View and eventually moved over to this site in the Fall of 2016.

So, here we are and the journey continues. To recap:

  1. The concept of A Life With A View was born in 2013 but the name of the blog was FIRE - Faith In Renewing Each Other. I still incorporate FIRE into my brand.

  2. In 2014, A Life With A View, the book came to me and I pulled together my most precious blog posts to create the book, A Life With A View.

  3. In 2015, A Life With A View, the book was published for the world to see.

  4. In 2016, two things happened: The blog was renamed to A Life With A View and I made the move to a new website platform complete with branding for A Life With A View which is much better for my readers.

Do you have something special which you created? Do you have a name for your passion or project? Think about how your passion or project makes you feel and share in the comments below. It is ok to change course and do what feels right to you. Let me know your thoughts and I'd love to see your journey to what's in a name.