Weird Quirk of Mine

I have a weird quirk - well, I'm sure we all do. When I was younger, I never considered myself quirky - maybe a little bit of a perfectionist which we will cover in a later blog post. I think sometimes quirkiness and being a perfectionist go hand in hand.

When I walk into a room whether at home or my office at work, I have to see everything line up. Everything from a pile of papers on the table - organized or not, to the towels in the bathroom lining up by their edges. And, even if I leave the room and in my mind I think I saw one edge out of line, I will go back and fix it. Ok, what is this called? I have to know!

For example, as I sit here and write this blog post it is taking everything inside of me to focus and not move to where I see one of the kids shoes hanging off of the step. I can sit here now and laugh about this whereas a few years ago I ran myself ragged with this particular quirk of mine - having it all together, all the time. {After I'm done writing this post, I am getting up to fix the shoe!}

Even when I go to work the papers on my desk are organized chaos. But, at least I know where everything is! To the folders, the slips of paper, post-it notes - things are lined up and stacked where I can see everything and know what's what in the stack.

I'm not sure if this little weird quirk of mine (whatever you call it) will go away or get better with time. :) I will say, I can laugh about it now and with things out of place and edges not lined up, it doesn't bother me as much - just a weird quirk of mine.

What's a weird quirk of yours? I'd love to hear and read what you share. Maybe one day we will have a "Weird Quirk Meet-Up!"

Photo credit: @jseephotography01