5 Favorite Blogs

Before I even started blogging, I wondered "What is blogging?" Is it writing and then sharing with others? Is it collaboration or outreach with writing? Topic or genre-focused? I had all types of thoughts and mostly questions but I knew one thing: I love to write. I would consider myself a writer who blogs. Since my early childhood, I have always loved to write whether it was planned writing or ad hoc - whatever I felt I would write it down.

I first heard of blogging back in 2010 (I know, a little late). I said to myself could I write my stories and share my writings with others and collaborate? Well, maybe but I was very shy about my writings and journals. So three years later in 2013, I began to explore and look for writers who blog and bloggers who write. This took about 6 months to find and follow the blogs which I loved. In the midst of all of this, I ended up starting my own blog in July 2013 and began sharing my writings as a blogger.

A good friend of mine, GG Renee of All The Many Layers had a blog and I began to follow her and I became very intrigued and interested in her work. In early 2014, she hosted a blog tour on her website and there it was - all of the wonderful bloggers in one place. GG did an awesome job of highlighting the bloggers and linking to their websites. One by one I began clicking the links and reading into their stories. Since then, I've come across many other bloggers and I have so many favorites now and the topics they cover in all different genres are truly inspiring to me. For this post, I will share 5 of my favorite bloggers and stay tuned as I will share my next 5 in an upcoming blog post and do a recap of my "25 Favorite Bloggers".

Ok, here we go: Here are 5 of my favorite blogs:

  • All The Many Layers: GG Renee - I have been following GG for years and she is also a good friend. Love her work from her writings, to her courses and connections with people and other writers. GG helps people write with purpose and peel back the layers in life and in our writing.

  • BeFree Project: Siobhan Sudberry - Creator of the BeFree Project. I began following Siobhan when GG Renee had the blog tour on her website. Siobhan is amazing and she helps women become unstuck and free to pursue and follow their dreams. Her courses, workbooks and interaction with her audience really draws you in and allows you to open up.

  • The Introcreative: Roniece Wright - Creator of the Intro Creative. I met Roniece in a Facebook group in 2016 and we connected immediately. Her approach to creativity is very unique where she focuses on the creator within; the introverted at heart. Roniece's courses and approach to creating content to capture your audience is right on target.

  • The Official CEO Mom: Kristie McCollum - Business Strategist and Social Media Consultant. I met Kristie in an online course Roniece hosted in late 2016. We connected immediately and Kristie has many talents from course creation to social media strategy and also blogging. I have found her information extremely valuable while on this blogging journey.

  • Write Laugh Dream: Ashley M. Coleman - Helping people become better writers and dreamers. I also began following Ashley from GG's blog tour and have been a fan ever since. Author of "Dear Love, A Love Letter to You" and "Love on Purpose", Ashley is an amazing writer and blogger and she dedicates her time to helping other writers and bloggers write with purpose.

So, there you have it! My first list of my 5 favorite bloggers. Are any of your favorite bloggers listed? Stay tuned for the next 5 until we make it to 25! I will do a full recap blog post. Please like, comment and share. I would love to hear your thoughts on your favorite blogs.

Photo credit: @createherstock