Weekend Inspiration: The Push To Be Inspired

Welcome to the first Weekend Inspiration right here on A Life With A View Blog – the new website! You can now subscribe right here on the blog to receive Weekend Inspiration right to your Inbox. All of the bells and whistles will be in the inspirational email for you to connect with me on the blog and on social media. I also want to hear what you would like to see from A Life With A View Blog. If you’ve missed a Weekend Inspiration post on the old site, you can see the most recent ones here on A Life With A View Blog – Weekend Inspiration.  

I am so looking forward to bringing you Weekend Inspiration posts mostly on Fridays or Saturdays; but there is always time for a little inspiration, right?

I have appropriately named this post: The Push to be Inspired. Why? I know I have had projects that I’ve started and stopped, set aside or put aside and my personal favorite: “I’ll get to that soon.” This all ties back to believing in yourself and knowing that you have what it takes to fulfill your dreams. We make excuses: “I don’t have time.” “How will I ever get this done?” “Someone has done this before.” I know this first hand since I used to tell myself these very same things not so long ago. There’s a saying: “You make time for the things you want to make time for.” Why not make the time to fulfill your dreams? Open that restaurant. Write a blog. Publish a book.

How do you get started? Well, it is simple… write it down and it will most likely happen. I love lists and I encourage you to grab a notebook, post-it notes or your favorite journal and begin writing it down. I want you to follow your dreams and goals and I hope to inspire your creativity. When I wanted to brand A Life With A View and move to a website, the first thing I did was write it down and stuck it on my keyboard and monitor so that I would see it each day and take action. Next, I reached out for help and although I am an “Information Technology (IT)” person, I am not a social media strategist guru – but I’m learning! ☺  There are so many resources to help and stop by for more and also connect with me on social media and we will do this together.

Have a great weekend!