#creativespark: Faith

I took a leap of faith in 2013 when I decided I wanted to start a blog. I wondered what to write about and I thought about: "What would a theme look like?" I came up with words that inspired me with the first one being Faith. It took a lot (and I do mean a lot) of Faith to get started. I was scared, nervous and thought about things like: "will people read this stuff?" "am I good enough to be a writer?" All of that self-doubt began to cloud my Faith and my focus.

I have grown a lot in three years; a self-discovery of sorts that I never could have imagined would have happened. Through prayer, positivity, strength, grace, peace and serenity - I was able to discover what Faith means to me. It turns out for me, Faith is not only spiritual but also daily renewal of one's self to face your fears, affirming your Faith, going after and possessing infinite wisdom, making timely decisions and remaining happy, healthy and continuous healing. Here we are three years later and I am now able to put this into words; even more words than I originally thought of and planned to do. To make this interactive for you, my faithful readers, I began a writing challenge: #creativespark to help you spark those inner thoughts around the theme for this blog. I hope you enjoy the context here and these wonderful images designed and created by Bee Fells Creative. Stay tuned for more and hang around for a while to see what A Life With A View has for you! Join the Discussion, send me an email and connect with me on social media. Can't wait to hear from you!