The Practice of Sincere Gratitude

Along with this week's message of sincere gratitude, I want to encourage you to surround yourself with like-minded, positive people who continue to bring out the best in you. Open up to those around you and speak peacefully and intentionally when on your continuous journey to achieve the things that you hold dear. Be grateful for the gifts that you have and share those gifts and your gratitude with others. When someone sees what you are grateful for, this sparks them to think about and be grateful for what they have also. I used to be very vague in sharing my gratitude with others. Why was I so afraid of being grateful and better yet, why was I afraid to share what I was grateful for?

My reason may sound silly to some but it is very real. I used to think that sharing what I am grateful for would make those things disappear so I would keep it all to myself. I was afraid of sharing the good things and I still am to a certain extent. I think my growth has helped; self-confidence and being sure of what I wanted to do with my life made practicing gratitude much easier. People are struggling in this life and I used to be so afraid to be happy for what I have even through the struggles.

So what helped me get over this fear of sharing my sincere gratitude? I began to help others through my writing and sharing my experiences. Every day is not a good day but sharing with others how I made it through some of the toughest days in my life made me even more grateful for being able to still stand today. I think back to when I first shared that I was going through a divorce and how afraid I was to share this with anyone, even my family. Once I shared what I was going through, so many people were touched by my story and they began to share their stories of hurt, pain and triumph. I said to myself: "I can do this!" I felt deep inside that I had to help people and highlight even through the toughest of times, there are still things to be grateful for even through the pain.

If you feel the same way I do and did about sharing what you are grateful for, start small and write in your journal or share with a small circle of people who can help you. I am a member of several Facebook groups where we push and help each other to be our best in everything that we do - everything from business to finance, health, blogging and writing and this also includes expressing why we are grateful. You might be saying: "When would have I have the time to do all of this?!" My response would be to invest in yourself; take care of you. Feeding yourself and your soul with good things brings out the very best in you. You never know how sharing what you are grateful for and actually being grateful could help someone else. You may have the very gift that someone is looking for and you could be the link that brings it all together. Keep going and your shining light will inspire others to do the same. Share your gifts and your gratitude!