Your Favorite Blog Posts

Welcome to 2017! I am so happy you are here to continue this journey with A Life With A View! There are so many plans for the new year and I wanted to start by giving a huge THANK YOU for all of the love and support as I made the transition to the new website. I was constantly praying that nothing got lost - yikes! A writer's worst nightmare whether moving between websites, gathering up journals or pieces of paper, losing our writings gives us the most anxiety.

I have definitely enjoyed hearing from everyone and as promised here on the blog and in my weekly newsletter, (please join the mailing list if you haven't already!) I wanted to do a recap of your favorite blog posts which were also my favorite too!


Most Liked and Favorite Overall Blog Post:

Secrets to Constant Happiness

This post received the most likes and was noted as the favorite blog post of 2016. It made me so happy that this was the case since this post centers on happiness and how to get there with faith, peace, positivity and self-care. I too love this post since it touches on self-care which is so important.



Most Engagement on the Blog

Are You Saying Yes to Yourself?

There was quite a bit of buzz on this blog post. You asked for tips to say yes to yourself without feeling guilty. This year, I plan to upgrade this post with tips to keep you saying yes to yourself.



Most Engagement on Social Media

What Do You Struggle With The Most?

When posting on the blog, I also share on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. I received the most comments and engagement on social media for this post.


Most Heartfelt Blog Post

Restore and Rebuild Your Confidence

This post came in as the most heartfelt blog post. This is also near and dear to me as I want to inspire others to be creative and follow their passion. Thank you for your comments on this post here on the blog and on social media.


So there you have it! The most liked and favorite blog post, the most popular on the blog and on social media, and the most heartfelt post. I thank you so much again for reading and commenting on the blog. What is and was your favorite post? Please share in the comments and feel free to comment on other posts and connect with me on social media. Let's gear up for a wonderful 2017!