Your Self-Discovery, Your Way

I am enjoying blogging so much these days! As a relatively new blogger who writes, I love sharing with you my thoughts, writings, perspectives and opinions on the topics near and dear to my heart. One of the first things that I did over 3 years ago was come up with a theme and a vision. I had no idea this blog would grow into what it is today - it's my self-discovery and each subject and title of every blog post comes from the heart.

Some of you may remember my very first blog over on Blogger called FIRE (Faith In Renewing Each Other). I still make references to FIRE throughout my blog posts here on A Life With A View, in conversations and in email. I had the fire in me to start my blog and I kept writing and writing. It was like my pilot light was lit and my fingers were on fire and I could not stop writing. Thoughts, feelings and writing to heal came naturally to me. The old blog is still up and I can't let it go just yet. You can find the old blog here. Although I am not still posting on the site, I still reference my content and I think about how I was feeling when I wrote those posts.

Since the move over to A Life With A View, I've refreshed a lot of the content from FIRE and still have a ways to go. In thinking about what I wanted to write today, I knew I wanted to focus on self-discovery, my way. This whole process has been a self-discovery all in itself and the growth that I've experienced has been well worth the journey.

So what was my vision? What did my self-discovery look like? Having a blog was one thing but what did I want to accomplish? The first thing was finding my purpose and second, helping others do the same through my writing and my book. Coming up with a theme found here which centers around inspiration and then the vision statement, my writing began to flow like a faucet and has not stopped since. My vision for this blog is and continues to be:

The vision for this blog began as a desire to help and encourage people to embrace and build upon strengths and capture what ignites their creative passion.

The main goal of blogging for me has been my own self-discovery; finding out who I am and feeling confident that other people share my same thoughts and experiences. Opening up about the things near and dear to me has helped me through some tough times.  Additionally, I have met some of the most amazing people through collaboration efforts, in person and on social media. This has definitely helped with my discovery as I realized that so many people are in different phases of their self-discovery and they are taking various roads to get there.

I admit, I did not do this alone. I looked for self-discovery courses, classes and ways to boost me up while on this journey. Finding my purpose, writing and self-care became my priority. So what did I do? I reached out to other bloggers who I admired and participated in self-discovery e-courses, Twitter chats and Webinars. Many of these avenues provided daily writing prompts in addition to checklists, workbooks and e-books.

One of the first self-discovery writing journeys that I participated in was #30Layers30Days by GG Renee, Founder of All The Many Layers. There were daily prompts which really made me really dig deep and pull out what was on my heart. You can find those posts here on the old blog and they are still relevant today and I reference the prompts and my response often throughout this blog. When visiting the old blog, refer to November 2015 and you will see each day and the response to the prompts.

While on the journey to self-discovery, I was able to let go of fear little by little. What was I so fearful of? It was being afraid to share what I was going through at the time and then it clicked - I am writing to heal. How was I going to help others if I could not help myself? This all goes back to why and how A Life With A View was born. The vision did not come easy at first. About a year ago, I realized that I wanted A Life With A View to be the portal for the book, the blog and be able to grow with me and my readers.

So there it self-discovery. What is your self-discovery? How are you making your journey your own? I would love to hear your story and if you are just getting started, all the better!