What Is Your "Make-Up"?

What is your make-up? This could be a loaded question with a lot of meaning. What do you think of when someone asks this question? Make-up could be physical, to cover imperfections; something internal to you or it could be as simple as: What makes you who you are? Some days there isn't enough make-up in the world to cover up the things that we hide or try to run from.

Photo credit: @jseephotography01Instagram, SquareSpace

You've probably seen or heard about Alicia Keys and her "no make-up" initiative. If not, you can read more about it here. I love Alicia Keys and she said she's not done with make-up forever but she felt it necessary to take a break from make-up and what other people considered to be perfect - by not wearing make-up. In some cases, Alicia explains that wearing make-up was still not enough. I admire her courage in doing this and as a woman who has TONS of make-up, I can actually relate to this especially in a society that can be very judgemental.

I have thought about my make-up many times and while it is not always MAC or Christian Dior, sometimes we change our make-up to meet and suit the needs of others - for approval and for other reasons. Lately, I have seen blog posts, books and reading material that focuses on self-care, forgiveness and happiness. I feel in many ways that these posts and readings were speaking to me directly. We sometimes put on make-up to cover up things and to mask certain insecurities. In my case, I have used the make-up called "the smile" to cover some of my deepest insecurities. The one theme that has come from my most recent readings and some of my writing and other great written works is what we tell ourselves about ourselves. And then my dear friends, the light bulb not only came on for me - but it illuminated the room, the house and the outside!

I had to learn that it is ok to share these things as it makes it more real and something to hold onto as we continue to work through life's challenge's and embrace the journey. My plan is still a work in progress and just as many others have inspired me, I encourage and inspire you to do the same - let your light shine in those dark places and do not hide behind your make-up. Use it to your advantage and put your plan in motion and let your make-up be an asset.

What is my plan you ask? While I am no Alicia Keys, I had to step from behind the make-up and see the world; experience the things I was supposed to and make the best of my life's journey. The photos on my website and in this blog were taken without traditional make-up. Meaning, I did not have on any make-up during the photo shoot. Did I feel vulnerable? Of course! I wanted to be completely free and not hide in any way and allow myself to be seen in the perfect light; my perfect light.

I still LOVE make-up; especially my make-up which is vulnerable, kind, loving and perfectly imperfect. Share your make-up story in the comments or connect with me via email and on the social media platforms listed on my website. I would love to hear your take on this subject.

Signed, Your Perfectly, Imperfect Inspirational Muse,