Restore and Rebuild Your Confidence

We all get knocked down at times, right? I know I do. Whether it is at work in your professional career, at school, trying something new or resurrecting something old - we could always use a little restoration as we continue to rebuild ourselves on a daily basis. Whew, that was a mouthful! Now let's break this down...

I recently I had a conversation with a few friends who each have manuscripts, post-it notes, pieces of paper, journals, loose leaf paper and they want to write. Sound familiar? This was and still is my story. Is it a confidence thing? Are we afraid to share our writings to the open world? I ask myself these questions all the time and it was refreshing that I wasn't the only one feeling this way.

I crave connections; positive connections where I can learn from people and also help others. Its that certain feeling when helping someone and in this case, I am able to offer a safe place place here on this blog and in my Inspiring Creative Passion group on Facebook. I can tell you that I don't have all the answers when it comes to restoring and rebuilding confidence but it was surely so refreshing when I pitched the idea to my friends to have an intimate space where we could connect and help each other. Whether you want to publish your book, prepare a speech, or discuss a current or future endeavor, a small covenant group may be the place for you. 

I guess I should start by what I'm sharing...Yes! I am working on my second book and I am so nervous. It has been almost 2 years since my first book was published and so much has changed since that time. I've grown, my confidence has grown and at the same time, I've pushed through some very tough times. You never know who you will meet and how you will affect their life in just one single moment. This is why I encourage you to have others around you who may say the same thing you are thinking and one interaction could make a world of difference. In order for me to ask that you encourage others and help them, I had to first do this myself and be the light that others see and welcome others with open arms. Why do I do this? It was done for me and I would not be here today without the wonderful connections that I've made through the years.

Remember, you are still here and you are a work in progress as we all are. Build or rebuild your confidence and share your gifts with the world even if you need someone else to lean on first. If you would like to join the Inspiring Creative Passion Facebook group, please leave a comment below or connect with me here on the blog. The Inspiring Creative Passion Facebook group has the mission of:

A covenant group to help and support each other to follow our dreams. Whether it is writing a book, opening a restaurant or going back to school to hone in on your desired craft, let's get there together and make it happen!

Don't forget to comment below and connect with me here on the blog to join us in the Inspiring Creative Passion Facebook group! I would love to have you.

Be Well and Inspired,