Forgiveness Restores You

I heard a message and lesson from a spiritual leader that I admire about Forgiveness. This was two years ago and it still resonates with me today. Did you know that Forgiveness is part of renewing yourself? The message of Forgiveness is so powerful not only in words but in the actions carried forward. Think about this: Someone has wronged you or you feel you have been persecuted in some way, how do you deal with that? Whether it is a family member like a spouse or child or even a friend, church member or co-worker - the feelings of being wronged can run very deep.

It is so easy to harbor feelings of resentment about your situation as it relates to your everyday life. As I continue to share my experiences and resources through this blog, I hope to guide you to a better understanding so that you know there is a better life by choosing the high road and those negative events that may take place in your life does not mean it is your whole life that is ruined or in danger.

One resource that I came across is from Oprah's online resource: 8 Ways to Forgive and Forget. I read this article when it was first written since I was so determined to practice Forgiveness and not keeping people in my own person jail cell that I built for them in my head. I had to let go. I had to read these tips over and over as it related to my life and especially since I was bitter from my divorce. Learning the lesson, letting go of resentment and staying centered are the key elements that hit home for me in the early phase of my divorce - I have since let go and moved on.

Try this: Read the 8 Ways to Forgive and Forget and take 2-3 of the tips and try mastering those tips over the next few weeks as we move into 2017. You will be amazed what this will do for you as you protect and nurture yourself through life's challenges. Also, if you haven't already, find that spiritual connection which centers you and your life. Your life will change and come into focus by connecting with your spirituality and practicing Forgiveness. If you need help, talk to a close friend, family member or spiritual leader. Leave a comment below and I would love to help you and also hear how you did!

Keep going, you've got this!