Stepping Out On Faith

I took a leap of faith in 2013 when I decided I wanted to start a blog and then two years later, I wrote my first book. I wondered what to write about and how would I publish a book? The blog was easy at that time – I wrote and wrote for days…whatever came to my mind, I wrote and wrote. Themes at first didn’t come too easily to me so I asked myself: “How am I going to do this?” I stepped out, leaped out and latched onto Faith. I thought about: "What would a theme look like?" I think I was trying too hard to plan it out and initially, I didn’t let things flow. Once I let go and let things flow, I came up with words that inspired me with the first one being Faith. It took a lot (and I do mean a lot) of Faith to get started. I was scared, nervous and thought about things like: "Will people read this stuff?" "Am I good enough to be a writer?" All of that self-doubt began to cloud my Faith and my focus. Being determined to not let any of those thoughts take shape; in 2014 I became serious about my writing and serious about taking the blog forward and eventually publish my first book, A Life With A View.

All of this stepping out on faith with starting and growing the blog and then the first book, I wondered what I could do next. Could I help someone else on their journey? After taking the first leap of faith and getting over the initial hurdle called fear, I have grown a lot in three years; a self-discovery of sorts which I never could have imagined would have happened. Through prayer, positive energy, strength, grace, peace and serenity - I was able to discover what Faith means to me. It turns out for me, Faith is not only spiritual but also a daily renewal of one's self to face your fears, affirming your Faith, going after and possessing infinite wisdom, making timely decisions, remaining happy, healthy and continuous healing.

Here we are almost 4 years later and I am now able to put this into words; even more words than I originally thought of and planned to do. The start of my second book began to take shape last year as many people asked me when my second book would be released. I was working on so many things last year including getting clearer about my goals and zeroing in on the direction for my life. I made the decision late last year to brand A Life With A View and move to a new website to inspire not only me, but my readers and offer them the opportunity to connect with me more easily. With all of this happening at the same time, who had time to write a book? At least that’s what I told myself.

It wasn’t until recently where I realized I could write this new book. With all of the connections, collaborations and the push in the right direction, it was up to me to make it happen - it being the decision to write and continue to share my story in a second book. I still haven't changed much in regards to keeping post-it notes, journals, notepads everywhere and I kept saying: "Will I ever get this book done?" Late last year, I discovered that November was National Write A Novel Month? Who knew? Not me. What a great way to get this done and keep me on task. I accepted the challenge of writing 500 words per day but not just any words; words with meaning; words where I could take action on and share with other people. Stepping out on Faith was key to doing this – there was no other way to get around it.

So there you have it family and friends, the second book is coming soon! Soon as in Summer 2017. And yes, my second book will be a series to my first book: A Life With A View: Inspiring Creative Passion. I cannot believe I can actually say this now and with confidence. There is so much more to come and stay tuned here on the blog and on social media for excerpts and more updates from my new book as we journey together.

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