Rest, Relaxation, Renewal

What do you do when you get overwhelmed? In those times it is necessary to replenish. I had to think long and hard about this one as so many things get in the way of self-renewal. A few years ago when I started my blog, I came up with the three R's - Rest, Relaxation, Renewal. I needed all three of these power statements to keep going and most importantly, I had to practice these each and every day. Sure, you are going to have some days where you rip and run and it seems like the days never end. If you have a family, children, parents that depend on you - multiply this at least by three.

So how do you make the time for the three R's? Notice I said make the time. Start with what inspires you most. Ask yourself what keeps you going. When do you feel most relaxed? Define your renewal set - it could be the three R's or one word or phrase that means the most to you.

Are you still trying to find the words? Start here with self-care. This seemed to do it for me and then the words, my writing, and me following my dream of blogging, becoming an author and inspiring others started to come true.

All of what I share here on the blog are either things I've gone through or going through or, someone has asked me to share a post on something they are going through in life. I absolutely love doing this as it inspires me also. Is there a topic you want to read about or collaborate on? Let me know - I'd love to hear from you! Oh - don't forget the three R's: Rest, Relaxation, Renewal.

Be inspired,