Collaboration: You are not alone

You are not alone when it comes to searching for tools and resources to help you along your journey. Whether you are a writer, an artist, fashion designer or physical therapist - you need tools, resources and good connections.

When I began blogging in 2013, I had post-it notes, Word documents, loose leaf paper - you name it, I had it and it was everywhere! It wasn't until late 2014 that I began taking my blog seriously and I quickly realized that I needed help. I wondered how I could be different as a blogger, standout in my writing and what tools and resources I could tap into. I figured there had to be someone that could help, right? That is easier said than done since I was so afraid to ask for help {its that introvert/extrovert thing in me - more on that in a later post}.

First, I had to realize that I was not alone as an aspiring blogger and writer. At that time back in 2014, I was just getting my footing after my divorce and the kids and I were in a good daily routine. I figured I had the time to invest in my dream and I reached out to a blogger who I admired at the time and still admire to this day. I did one simple thing: "ask". I asked for help - a collaboration of sorts where I soaked up all I could about getting started as a blogger. Since writing is my dream and passion, the fear of asking for help subsided once we began to dive in and collaborate on what to do next as a blogger. This is where tools came in...

Second, I asked myself: "What tools should I use? How will I learn them quickly and keep up with how fast my brain wanted to move?" Whoa?! Slow down, Lynda - I had to tell myself that many times! I researched blogging tools such as Blogger and WordPress. I even set up a few failed blogs! Imagine that!! Nothing beats a failure but a try, right? Finally, I settled on a platform which at the time suited me well. I had to push myself and use the tools I could get my hands on and learn new tools to take me forward.

Next, I tapped into resources - not only people but online and social media resources. I connected with like-blogs and websites to see what tools worked for them and I read; read a lot! It was probably more studying than reading most times. :) Social media is not my strong suit and when it became time to stretch myself, social media was it. It still is a bit of struggle with the move to the new website but I am coming along. The key thing here is to connect with others and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Lastly, connections are key when putting yourself out there - whether it is as a blogger, writer, artist, restaurant owner - connections can get you through some pretty tough times. I'll even take it a step further and say networking with others and building your connections space and foundation is the path to a rock solid future.

The key points from this post and knowing that you are not alone when following your dreams:

  1. Collaboration: Find a partner, someone you trust and can work with to guide you on your path.

  2. Tools: Find a tool that you are comfortable using for your business or venture. Don't be afraid to try new things.

  3. Resources: Use your resources. Whether it is other people, online or social media. Ask for help!

  4. Connections: Connect with like-minded people who have walked the path that you are now on. Network with others and know that you are not alone.

Send me an email or comment on this post and let me know how you are doing. I'd love to hear about what you are working on.

As one last push to get you started, I joined a Facebook group for women following their dreams and goals - many of them authors, bloggers and writers. This is how I met Bee Fells Creative who created my wonderful image templates and this website. If I never asked for help, I would not be here today: Collaboration, Tools, Resources, Connections.