#creativespark: Trust

For me to even begin to think about feeling good about myself, I had to Trust in myself that I could feel good, achieve great things and that I deserved to be happy. I had to Trust the journey and believe that being happy was achievable. My biggest problem: I did not Trust that I was enough - smart enough, pretty enough, good enough. All of those things equaled self-doubt and were all in my mind. The biggest struggle - self-esteem accompanied by self-doubt. The opposite of all of this - is Trust.

I had to Trust that I was going to be ok after losing my father and the break-up of my marriage. Those were tough times a few years ago and I have spent the last several years building myself up; working on my confidence and the Trust that I could do it. During my journey, I found out that I was in my own way - blocking my healing, not Trusting the process.

What do you need to improve on or get out of the way for you to Trust that you can be great? Ok, I'll start: Get out of your own way to be great! Be your own best friend at all times and set your mind to Trust in your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. For you, start with this: