#creativespark: Honesty

When thinking about Honesty, I had to be Honest with myself, find myself and remain true to what I wanted to do and the direction my heart was taking me. I fought for a long time against being more open and vulnerable. I realized that I had to be honest and true to myself and tell my story; no matter how painful my story was at one point in my life. I did not want to open up about my marriage failing since I thought it was all my fault. I certainly did not want to tell the story behind it and how I covered up my feelings and tried to paint on a smile just to so that things would not fall apart. Boy was I wrong!

In order for me to move forward, I found that being Honest with myself was the key. If I was feeling hurt - I needed to say it. Sad - I needed to acknowledge it. Feeling out of sorts - I needed to own it and do something. Instead of saying "oh, nothing is wrong" when people asked me "what's wrong?" or "what's your story?" - I began to own it which in turn, gave me so much confidence.

So what is my story? I say with Honesty and confidence: I am a mother of two wonderful children; emotional, faith-driven spiritual person who is sensitive to other people's needs; wears my heart on my sleeve; a Yes girl who is no longer afraid to say No; career-driven friendly woman who loves helping others in career and life and all around lover of fun and laughter. 

We each have a story to tell which defines and motivates us to continue getting better and striving to be our best. Tell your story. Be Honest about it. No matter how bad, good, painful or indifferent - be Honest about your feelings and don't be afraid to embrace being vulnerable. #creativespark