#creativespark: Friendship

#creativespark is a fun and creative way to explore writing, the arts and other creative expressions. I first shared the idea with family, friends and my writers groups and then decided to take a chance on creating my very first writing challenge. #creativespark was available on my old blog site and I decided to breathe new life into the challenge and bring it to you right here on A Life With A View! I hope to encourage and inspire you to follow your dreams and goals and express yourself creatively. Our next word in the challenge is Friendship. I've often thought about what Friendship means to me and after giving this much thought over the years, I really believe in true Friendship with people who inspire, love and care about you in a way that continues to make you better. What does Friendship mean to you? I designed a special quote for you which I imported from my old blog. Thank you for being patient with me while I bring you inspirational content to set you on your journey.