#creativespark: Happiness

I chased Happiness for a long time. Although I am almost always smiling and happy, I fought many internal demons where I felt no matter what was going on in my life, I had to put the happy face on. It wasn't until my father passed away in 2010 and my separation and divorce in 2012, I realized that I was covering up the things that made me sad. Facing those demons and fears was the hardest and I realized I had to go on. Writing about what made me happy was key; speaking about it wasn't so easy. I had to get out of my own way in order to be heard and even writing sometimes was hard. For me, my definition of Happiness became clear when I embraced healing from past hurt and pain. Happiness to me is: Doing what you love; Having faith, Peace of mind; Letting go, Positivity; Internal stability; Continued renewal; Self-care. What's your definition of Happiness? Write it down, say it, speak about it, claim it.